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Project Casper

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16th August 2005

jacksmannequeen9:31pm: Por Que???
I am slightly dissapointed that no one has yet to respond to my last post... Is this thing going to happen? A lot of people have seemed interested. Please respond soon so I know. I will push back the deadline to Aug 31st now. I really don't want it to be much later than that.

Please contact me via AIM on: BoXingTheStarz and also comment to this. I will start trying to contact more people to spread the word. I would really love for this to happen.

13th August 2005

jacksmannequeen11:31pm: HI CASPER LOVERS!
Alright everyone... sorry I have been absent the last 2 days (worked 18 hours). I will dedicate my next 2 days off to starting to get this thing going.

Since no one has come up with any ideas, I have just decided on a book of some sort, where individually we make our own pages telling him how awesome he is, throw in a few pictures on your page, a story or two, and decorate it how ever you would like (make sure to include your name and location as well), and then put them together as one big book.

Here is the skinny...

I want a quick deadline, due to the album release and all the craziness that will be going on. I am going to make the deadline for this August 23rd. (yes yes I know that is the date of the album release!!!!!) haha. I just figured what a good day for it all to be put together, and hopefully put in the mail.

I would appreciate your pages being sent via email. (I know this puts a damper on a lot of creativity, but there is always photoshop and paint)... haha. It is just easier/faster for me to just print out the pages and put them all together into a notebook, and then send it out. If you want to design a cool page and scan it, that is fine too, but if you are one of those overly creative type and want to make a page and send it, then contact me via AIM (WEEZYweezerFREAK or YouCanBreatheJM) for mailing directions.

For those of you participating in this, please reply to this post saying like "YOU SUCK" or anything really just so I have a heads up on a rough estimate of participants.

And please spread the word.

All pages should be send to: thankyoucasper@yahoo.com as of right now, but if that is to change I will repost a new address if needed.

Please make the subject of your email: MY CASPER PAGE (or something related to this project)... as long as it says something about Casper and not like "click here for naked men" then I will most likely open it.

Ok, get to work... and I promise I will be working on a cool layout for this LJ community the next few days.

Thanks for your time, effort, love, and creativity. <3

Current Mood: excited

11th August 2005

jacksmannequeen2:12pm: Welcome to Project CASPER.

And questions/suggestions/concerns can be directed towards me, Kelly, at KeLLyzASaxyMama@cox.net or via AIM on WEEZYweezerFREAK or YouCanBreatheJM
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